"Endurance" focused class. 

ROC STEADY is the first Mixed Modality Steady State training class to be created. The class has an overall cardiovascular endurance effect with strength training, core and conditioning combined to maximize calorie burn and results. With minimal equipment, only dumbbells and body weight exercises, this is the perfect non-intimidating class that will take you to the next level. 


"Interval" focused class. 

ROC IT is a full body Interval Training class. This workout is constantly changing the work to rest interval time ratios to make sure your body is challenged in new ways in every class. With the intensity goal of moderate, high and maximal effort levels your body will constantly be shocked into getting results and never plateau. 


"Strength" focused class. 

ROC & BURN is a class based around strength training and power movements to emphasize calories burned. Each class has specific body parts it will focus on to make sure you are isolating the results you want without overtraining each muscle group. This class will challenge you with strength training, conditioning and core/ab exercises to maximize results.